It is a research-based marketing strategy that validates your customers’
fears and frustrations.
As a result, your marketing efforts forge a deep connection and trust. Now your target audience is primed to adopt your product, service or cause.

For real-life examples, watch the video, then keep scrolling.



As an investor I may find technology that recognizes the movement of individuals fingers on a touchscreen to be interesting. But I am seeking disruptive technology with broad market impact.”

VIRAL VIDEO: Further repositioned Inpris as the future of touchscreens – the video shows how it is a game changer for the gaming industry as well as the banking and automotive industries.

MARKETING MATERIAL: For the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona we repositioned Inpris as a technology that will impact major industries.


Snapkeys software enables  typing on a smartphone with just 4 keys based on the shapes of letters. Telco executives worried that it was too hard for people to learn.

So, we manned Snapkey’s booth with 5th graders. The fears of a steep learning curve dissipated.

The tech blogs and the press loved it.


Celebros suffered from long sales cycles because only geeks understood their e-commerce technology

Putting the benefit in simple, clear language hastened management buy-in


Restaurants have a hard time adopting online marketing until you talk to them in  a language they understand

This message kickstarted a B2B push for joining an ecommerce portal


"if my portable equipment could match the quality of my studio my productivity would soar."

This B2B ad provides a “dream come true” for a sound engineer


“To make a big investment in a new telephone system, it better do wonders and have a great ROI.”

Launch campaign dramatized the VoIP revolution


Wall Street is hungry to know which analysts are better predictors than others.

Starmine’s start-up financial software quickly went mainstream



Dentists were reluctant to adopt a test for oral cancer for fear of alarming their patients

Banners, billboards, social marketing, blogging, and PR PUSHED dentists to test for oral cancer. Web marketing, lunch & learns, trade ads, thought leaders, and tradeshows PULLED Dentists in.


“I made it this far with nice, healthy teeth.  I want to make sure they stay that way.”

Ads drive home “keep your teeth”

One TV commercial  created the need for a toothpaste for Gums and the second  launched Crest for  Gums.


I want to deal with compassionate people who will shower my special needs child with love

PediSmiles is made up of  company volunteers who cheer up kids at area hospitals – which further drives home a message of love and caring

The website screams “We love our kids.”

PediPec-PediStat-homepg 5

Federal funds flow to community health centers that demonstrate extraordinary care of underserved populations

Print, email campaigns, PR and video PR aimed at Federal officials deliver the message. The funding flows.

Non Profit


“I’m more ashamed to call a domestic abuse hotline than to be abused”

The ad got “into the head” of the abused woman, built deep trust, and open the floodgates of calls to the hotline


Where to turn to for emotional and medical support for the recurrence of a life threatening illness.

The website connects to what the visitor is going through via a video with a personal story (video to follow).

tikvateinu MP website

“Although I don’t identify closely with Israel, I find terrorism aimed at innocent Israeli civilians unacceptable.”

The long-running campaign (including full page New York Times) touched a nerve and brought in millions for victims of terror


Convince Congress that sending US peace keepers  to the Middle East would make them into sitting ducks for violent terror groups.

This full page NY Times ad disturbed Congress so much they demanded the President withdraw the plan.


“Ideologically we would love to move to Israel, but is it practical for us and the kids?”

The campaign tore down emotional barriers, enabling families to make the move

More Great Stuff


Before I plunk down big bucks on a used truck I need to know it was well maintained

This trade ad was pulled after one insertion because the trucks sold out

What on earth do we do.

MINDprint Marketing is a research and marketing firm. Our research driven approach helps establish trust and a strong emotional connection to your customers -regardless of the most effective methods we choose to reach them.

  • Market Studies
  • Social Marketing
  • Social platform advertising
  • Websites (with brains)
  • Web marketing
  • Videos
  • TV, Radio, Print,
  • Brochures etc.
  • Webinars & podcasts

about us


This was a page out of Yoni’s original portfolio which landed him a job at Ogilvy – the biggest and arguably the best advertising agency in the world. A portfolio is made up of fake ads for real products. (Yes the toddler in the picture looks like she is in her 20‘s) but Yoni was going for a job as a writer and you are judged by the strength of your ideas. Not how pretty they look. To research the ad, Yoni called Minute Maid and asked what frozen orange juice really means. How long is it from the time an orange is picked until it actually reaches your table? The answer was 7 years (ouch!). So there you have it. A research driven insight which provided strong emotional reasons to buy Tropicana fresh squeezed orange juice over frozen Minute Maid. (The humble roots of MindPrint Marketing). At Ogilvy Yoni helped Huggies beat Pampers, Duracell beat Eveready, American Express launch the GiftCheque, P&G launch ClearStik and Britain enjoy record- breaking tourism.

All this netted dozens of industry awards but the ones Yoni values the most are the Gold EFFIES which are awarded for effectiveness in advertising. In other words, strong marketing ideas that brought in huge profits for clients. After 10 years on global brands, Yoni started his own marketing/social marketing firm, Mozeson & Associates, to bring the same strategic thinking to smaller clients. The MindPrint based strategic thinking showcased on this site generates the launch of techs and biotechs and helps grows local, and global healthcare brands. While at Ogilvy, Yoni was featured on a front page of a Wall Street Journal article about Sabbath observant Jews in unusual professions. The article began with the words “His father was a Rabbi, his grandfather was a Rabbi, but Yoni chose a different calling.” In fact, Yoni happened to receive Rabbinic Ordination at Yeshiva University before going to Ogilvy but he didn’t know how that would go over on Madison Avenue. Once he opened Mozeson & Associates, his experience with major global brands and his knowledge of the Jewish community attracted many high profile non-profits. Our marketing campaigns helped raise millions for OneFamily, launched NefeshB’Nefesh and MASA and forced the hand of the President of the United States (see the ad against US troops on the Golan Heights).



Ma’ayan worked at Ogilvy for more than 12 years in a variety of divisions including: Ogilvy Interactive, Ogilvy One and O&M Direct. Her combination of style, color and clean designs coupled with technical design expertise, plus strong conceptual strategic thinking make her work stand out with great effectiveness in reaching her client’s desired audience. A recipient of many prestigious industry awards.Ma’ayan has been a Creative Director and Senior Art Director at other major New York agencies and creative boutiques as well, working with non-profit and Fortune 500 clients. She has been responsible for building brands and growing client’s business with crosschannel solutions. Ma’ayan has led creative teams that helped Lotus launch their first intranet, Priceline their revolutionary online brand, GlaxoSmithKline launch Verymyst, IBM and American Express expand their small business markets, just to name a few.





Akiva Ben-Ezra is an expert in social media, social media advertising and SEO to help gain market share. He guides clients effortlessly through the ever-changing landscape of Facebook advertising and the up and coming area of youtube advertising. Akiva is a much sought after speaker and panelist at international Internet marketing conferences including: SMX,London, SMX Israel, SMX Australia, SES Toronto, Affiliate Summit, Leadscon and more!



Barbara has extensive strategy and marketing experience, including senior positions at US global headquarters of IBM and Ernst & Young.

Barbara helps companies become more customer-centric, using proven techniques to better understand markets, customers, and competitors worldwide. The result is better global market strategies, and improved market success.

4 Secrets to Creating a Video that Sparks Investor Passion

No matter who you are marketing to, you need to make an emotional connection. When it comes to investors you have to know what’s on their wish list. What is an opportunity they will jump at. How can you be that amazing technology that everyone else seems to have overlooked. This approach of getting into the head of your target audience is what we call Mindprint Marketing.

So when a hi-tech startup consulted with us before attending the recent Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, they knew they needed a strategic makeover. They have an app which enables the blind to type braille on a touchscreen. Investors couldn’t care less.

But when we dug deep and saw what they are really selling, their potential impact on technology was mind-boggling.

cover (2)
automotive industry inpris impact video svreen capture

1. An irresistible positioning – Changing the playing field

The Inpris patented software recognizes the individual movements of each finger on a touchscreen. This can fundamentally change the way we interact with touchscreens. Leveraging this technology we positioned Inpris as nothing less than “The Future of Touchscreens.”  

Your video (which reflects your strategic messaging) must re-envision your product or service. Think big picture – far beyond the immediate problem you solve. Tap into the emotional consequences. Ignite investor interest in the your potential to disrupt the status quo.

gaming INPRIS (1)

2. Whet my appetite with real life examples

The video focuses on their huge potential impact on major industries. Like banking and automotive. But the real game changer is the gaming industry.  This technology provides a whole new user experience and level of control.

3. Short, Benefit oriented

The video is 45 seconds. Clear, compelling  and to the point.  Any longer is usually a sign that you overcomplicated your selling idea.

You are bragging instead of addressing needs.

4. Leverage the video to keep top of mind

But now that you’ve got their interest, how do you stay in the investor’s consciousness. Of course you should feature it on your homepage, post it, blog it, pin it, tweet it, email it and optimize it on Youtube. But what if you just met investors at a trade show and they’re going to visit 117 more booths and collect hundreds more business cards?

We took key frames from the video and designed a small card not much bigger than a business card. It helped the investor quickly remember the technology and the potential impact the product will have on the marketplace. At a glance. It’s like putting your elevator pitch in the right hands.

Inpris came away with raving fans.

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