• The Success of Marketing powered by a mindprint

The Success of Marketing powered by a mindprint

November 10, 2014

I have found that the biggest barrier to success is when companies don’t know what they are selling because they never gave thought of their  “MindPrint” – the name I give to research-driven insights into your target audience’s most compelling concerns and emotional needs.

What’s the real reason you bought that iPhone?

Apple has a clear MindPrint. They sell to people’s deepest desires to be cool.  Disruptive functionality wrapped it in a must-have package.

Why do you want an American Express card? I wrote television commercials for American Express and Huggies diapers among many others during my almost 10 years at Ogilvy – the worlds’ largest advertising agency.

In all the focus groups I attended, The MindPrint of American Express was people’s craving to feel  important. American Express sells “prestige” (snob appeal).

My commercials helped Huggies overtake Luvs and Pampers in sales (both owned by the giant P&G). Why? Were the diapers better?  Our commercials featured babies in different executive professions. The subtle message was – our diapers will make your child happy and therefore more successful. It struck an emotional chord with parents who enjoy projecting their future dreams of success for their children (even when their kids are 2 years old). The Huggies MindPrint was what every parent wants: confirmation that their baby is exceptional and will be a success story.

Sometimes the MindPrint is about how to keep what you already have                                                                    When Crest toothpaste was exploring an entry in the market with a toothpaste for gums, they wanted to hit hard on the consequences of gum disease. When I wrote this commercial the MindPrint was clear – the key to healthy teeth is healthy gums. If you don’t keep your teeth heathy, you may end up caring for them the way your grandmother or great grandmother did. In a jar.

Oral cancer is real and preventable.                                                                                                                                    Oral Cancer is not  something anyone worries about. When I launched, OralCdx, a biotech startup, they wanted to change the perceptions of patients and dentists. Their BrushTest enabled oral cancer to join a short list of cancers that were actually preventable.

These banner/billboards had a strong MindPrint –  if you make sure your dentist uses the BrushTest on any small spots in your mouth , you don’t have to worry about the disfiguring, if not deadly, consequences of oral cancer.

Even Non Profits have to know what they are selling
When I started my own marketing company, we launched techs and biotech’s. Since I have Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University, I have been approached by many nonprofits.

Shalom Task Force combats domestic abuse in the Jewish community. After talking to case workers and hotline volunteers, the MindPrint became obvious.

The shame of calling for help was a greater barrier for abused women than the abuse itself. Once we knew the MindPrint the headline wrote itself (“It hurts to call a domestic abuse hot line. It hurts more not to.”)This ad resulted in an outpouring of calls and has been running for many years. Abused women realized that we knew exactly the terrible dilemma they were facing. Shalom Task Force was an organization abused women could trust because “Shalom Task Force knows where we are coming from.”

Feel free to contact me at yoni@mindprintmarketing.com

Yoni Mozeson spent over 10 years creating award-winning marketing campaigns at major NY ad agencies – including Ogilvy – on accounts like American Express, Citibank, Huggies, Duracell, Crest and Apple. He provides strategically driven marketing solutions in a variety of areas including, healthcare and technology. Because of his unique background as a Marketing executive with ordination from Yeshiva University, Yoni attracts many nonprofits – including the launch of Nefesh B’Nefesh, MASA, and raising millions for IESF One Family. Learn more about The “MindPrint” at  www.mindprintmarketing.com

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