• Inside Secrets of Big Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies

Inside Secrets of Big Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies

March 10, 2015
#1  What are you really selling?

This may sound trite but it is one of the most fundamental questions you need to answer. It drives all your marketing and social marketing. If you think it’s obvious, let me explain. Insurance companies are really selling peace of mind. That’s easy. Trade schools sell getting a job. No mystery there. What are credit cards companies selling. Reward points? Low rates? I worked on American Express at Ogilvy and they know exactly what they are selling. American Express knows that when someone pulls out their credit card, they are making a statement about their wealth and financial stability. Essentially they are not selling a credit card. They are selling a status symbol.

This recent viral youtube (58,000 views) is from the youtube channel of (I kid you not) yafaceismine.  They post dozens of popular youtube videos (testing, gaming and tutorials etc.). This particular video is about how good it feels to be accepted by American Express for a Centurion card – which is made of titanium. How cool is that?


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